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Motorcycle Safety
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The Shiny Side Up Partnership Road Safety Scheme

The IAM (Institute of Advanced Motorists)

Security Certificates - Approvals and European Certification Bodies
Thatcham UK


Why Thatcham matters: Environmental testing house run by 31 UK insurers.

Thatcham is a not-for-profit organisation established in 1969 by British Insurers whose main aim is to carry out research targeted at containing or reducing the cost of motor insurance claims, while maintaining safety and quality standards.

Originally set up to test automotive standards, they moved into motorbikes a few years ago and as they were first focused on electronics, we are more pleased to have secured their certification on our electronics components side, where it is more meaningful.

Thatchams Motor Insurance Repair Research Centre is independently operated with a Board of Directors drawn from among 31 insurers who fund their work.

Telephone: +44 (0)1635 868855
Fax: +44 (0)1635 871346

Sold Secure UK

Sold Secure

Why Sold Secure matters:
A very realistic test simulates attacking a lock on a motorbike.

Sold Secure is an independent body funded by UK insurers that tries to set a bar to eliminate low-level products from the market.

They assign three levels: bronze, silver and gold (the first two are very easy).

To award Gold they tend to test the products on the bikes to recreate a real-life theft situation. Disc-locks undergo some of the hardest tests to pass on a bike: wedge test with hammer chisel and screwdriver.
Lock without double-locking pin do not pass.

Sold Secure Gold testing involves lock picking, drilling, slide-hammering, sawing, wedging test and a torque test. Testers require 6-8 samples, and they study technical drawings before the tests to determine weak points. They re-test annually.

Telephone (0)1327 264687
Fax (0)1327 264686

ART Holland

Holland Certificate

Why ART matters:
The Dutch standard. Stringent attack and production-control tests.

ART testing involves a combination of human power and machines. Testers again demand to study all documentation and technical drawings for weak points before the tests. Strict requirements on number of key combinations, that they can be re-cut, etc.

In Holland, locks that do not carry the ART foundation logo are not considered effective theft prevention. Riders seeking to insure their bikes against theft find that in most cases insurance companies will demand the use of an ART-approved mechanical anti-theft device.

ART attack tests are performed by machines (tensile strength-, torsion strength-, cutting-, corrosion-, dust and freeze tests) and/or test engineers (brute and intelligence-based attack tests).

Classe SRA France

Classe French

Why Classe SRA matters:
The French standard; brutality of attack, insurance requirement.

In France, locks that do not carry the Classe SRA logo are not considered to be an effective theft deterrent. In fact, you cannot insure a motorbike in France against theft without a Classe SRA-rated anti-theft device.

Classe SRA do not use a motorbike or machinery, only heavy duty tools with human force (but no picking).

Classe SRA demand to see highly detailed drawings of the locks before testing, which they use to decide the weakest point (most often the locking pin) and then saw, leveraging/wedge; two tests on the key barrel include drilling with tungsten-carbide drill bit.

They take five samples of each lock and even if they don�t succeed in breaking it, they try again. With U locks (like XENA Bullett U-Locks), they use additional tests including sledge-hammering. Testing is done by an official government laboratory.

NF France

NF French

Why NF matters:
Tests aim beyond the product to encompass production facilities, QC.

NF is an even higher industrial regulatory body than Classe SRA,
more akin to British standards, that in addition to mechanical testing also visit factories, look at QC procedures, production techniques, all product documentation, all metallurgy reports (to see if they correspond with a company's materials claims).

NF mechanical testing uses machines: pulling, sawing, crushing, torque, etc. As it is impossible to get a disc-lock NF approved (the lock must be ground anchored), XENA has NF certs for our disc-lock and chain, U-lock, etc. Carries out strict annual audits.

VAT Finland

Finland Certificate

Why VAT matters:
In Finland, locks that do not carry the VAT logo are not considered effective theft prevention.

PZU Poland

Polish Certificate

Why PZN matters:
Poland's main insurers body. XENA is the first motorcycle lock company to secure PZN testing.

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