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Motorbike Security for all your Disc Locks, Security Chains and Ground Anchors

We have some of the Best Motorcycle Security Locks, Chains, Ground Anchors and Alarmed Disc Locks available for all size and makes of motorbikes, Mopeds and Scooters!

We take great pride in been able to offer our customers the Largest Selection of Motorbike Security Devices from our website!

Our aim is to be able to supply our customers with the best choice and largest selection of security products for Motorcycles, Mopeds, Scooters and Quads, knowing that they have purchased a quality product at the right price, with a helpful and speedy service.

When I left The Royal Marine Commandos after 9 years service, I was not sure what I really wanted to do. I eventually re-trained as a Plumber and a Locksmith.

During my career so far as a Locksmith I have attended alot burglaries, not only house burglaries but more often than not it is the Garage that the thieves target!
The Garage Door can be relatively easy and silent to gain entry to, this means a thief can be in your Garage and away with your Motorcycle, Tools and Fishing Gear in less than 5 minutes!!

I was getting several requests every week from customers for advice on how to improve the security for their motorcycle and garage door. In stead of trying to explain to customers over the phone what security products are available and at what price, I decided to create and

By being able to point you the customer to a website, it then allows you to browse the web site in your own time, and it also gives you several options on what may be the best product for the job!

Over the years I have owned several motorcycles so I understand just how valuable and cherised they can be!

Serious about Security!
Fact - Motorcycle Theft is on the Increase!

  • My advice on choosing any Motorcycle Security Product would be to buy The Best Product that best suits what you are protecting, if you have a Harley Davidson to secure it with a Squire Ex-Caliber 16mm SS65 Chain and Squire SS65CS Padlock would be very sensible and cost effective (total peace of mind)

  • Always consider having a secure fixing point such as a ground anchor to secure your motorcycle and chain to, this will help to prevent and put off any potential thieves from attempting to steal your motorcycle!
    Most motorcycles are lifted and carried away! (usually into a van)

  • Consider the length of the security chain! it requires to be long enough to secure your belongings but not too long that it drapes on the ground.
    A security chain that is left running along the ground can be more easily attacked!!

  • If possible when you are away from home always secure your motorcycle with a chain to a secure object when out about, never leave it to chance!

  • Motorcycle Alarms, such as Alarmed Disc Locks can be a great deterrent, firstly to put off any thief but to also warn you of anyone tampering with your motorcycle!

  • Always think about ways on stopping the thieves from firstly getting into your Garage or up your drive to steal your Motorcycle, one way is to put a Garage Door Defender in front of your garage door.
    This is a SOLD SECURE and a Insurance Approved Product, this means that it has passed certain tests & Insurance Companies recognise it as a Quality Product!

    (Sold Secure is a non-profit making company dedicated to reducing the risk of theft by the assessment of security products. Sold Secure was established in 1992 by Northumbria and Essex Police with the help and backing of the Home Office. It is now administered by the Master locksmiths association).

  • Always consider buying Thatcham or Sold Secure Insurance Approved Products, this will not only give you a discount on your Insurance, but you also know that you are buying a better quality product.

Where Motorbike Security have supplied products to...

We are proud to have supplied Motorcycle Security Products to many Motorcycles throughout the UK:

Lancashire, Merseyside, Manchester Liverpool St Helens Chester Burnley Stockport Burnley Wigan Preston Oldham Stockport Southport Blackpool Lancaster
Norfolk Suffolk, Northampton Norwich Ipswich Diss Lincoln Cambridge Oxford Bedford Peterborough, Midlands,Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Tamworth Leicester Birmingham Stoke Wolverhampton Walsall Solihull Nottingham Derby North East, Newcastle Sunderland Durham Darlington Middlesbrough Cleveland Whitby Redcar
South East, South West, Devon, Dorset, Somerset, Corwall, Wiltshire, Plymouth Portsmouth Exeter Southampton Brighton Hampshire Taunton Swindon Bristol Yorkshire, Doncaster York Leeds, Wakefield Sheffield Bradford Hull Rotherham Huddersfield Halifax Harrogate Beverley Scotland, Glasgow Edinburgh Inverness Dundee Perth Aberdeen Elgin Thurso
Wales, Newport Swansea Cardiff
Ireland Belfast Dublin Londonderry
London, Surrey, Essex, Fulham Luton Gillingham Maidstone Kent Watford Herts Basingstoke Reading Berks Guildford Woking and surrounding areas. Europe: Holland, France, Portugal and Germany
Euorpe: Italy Sweden Greece Spain France Belguim Croatia Holland
U.S.A: many states throughout.

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